Bringing you information on Jazz albums from Japan… in English!

The world of J Jazz is wide and deep, filled with undiscovered and underappreciated works of art and beautiful musicianship.

This site has been created to help spread the word of jazz from Japan. The concept is to provide short and to-the-point descriptions of jazz recordings from Japanese musicians, with photos, audio clips, and links to more information. Not quite music criticism, but introductions to new music.

I sincerely hope you enjoy exploring J Jazz through this site! Please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions.

Note: Japanese musician names are displayed on this site as first name followed by last name. For example, “Watanabe Ken” (渡辺 謙) becomes “Ken Watanabe” on this site. Japanese Kanji characters, when used, are displayed in the natural order of last name then first name (渡辺 謙).


Note: Audio samples (less than 60 seconds) available on this site are used for fair use reviews and are intended to promote the musicians and their music. If you like what you hear, please support the musicians and buy their albums!