Sayaka Kishi: feat. te

This album’s title feat. 手 (“Featuring Hands”) aptly describes the pianist’s concept, to create a fun jazz album centered on the piano, and most of the songs feature solo piano pieces with jazzy, poppy, and classical influences.

While this is mostly a solo piano record, cello also joins on three tracks (the same duo which also released Arco: Asymmetry) and vocals on one. Overall, a fun and creative exploration of the mind of a skilled Japanese pianist and her lovely compositions.

Leader: Sayaka Kishi · 岸 淑香 ·


  • Sayaka Kishi: piano
  • Mayumi Sano: cello
  • Aya Kurosawa: vocal

Released 2014 on Roving Spirits RKC-8050.


Live solo performance of track 3 from this album:

* Audio sample at top of page from “Up To You”, the first track on this album.