Arco: Birth

The piano and cello duo Arco released their second album Birth in 2019, two years after their debut Asymmetry, showing grace and refinement in a matured and eternally sunny outlook.

Opening with overdubbed cello playing a classical Bach theme, the duo kicks into their otherwise all-original songs featuring their airy style vibrating with positivity and passion. The duo is practiced at producing heady pop with classical influences and a definite pulse. Kishi and Sano’s originals are satisfyingly balanced, with moods shifting like wind through the trees with endearing waltzes, fiery Latin movements, and beautifully poignant and sweet melodies. Although the duo focuses on piano and cello arrangements, some minimal additions of percussion clappers and melodion keyboard add spice to enhance the pure music experience.

Also featured on this well-crafted album of uplifting music is the icing on the cake of a three-part theme by cellist Sano – “Fragment: Wind”, “Fragment: Journey” and “Fragment: Bud” – reappearing on three tracks interspersed throughout the album, a gentle tune evoking hope for the future and appreciation for the past and present.


Released in 2019 on dandanorchestra as DAN-012.



* Audio sample at top of page from “Fiesta”, the third track on the album.