Atomi Hamada: This Is Atomi

Jazz singer Atomi Hamada releases This Is Atomi, a five-track debut featuring songs she loved as jazz instrumental standards. Now, as a vocalist, she adds her voice as an instrument, giving a fresh dimension to songs that listeners have often heard without vocals.

This is intimate, close-quarters jazz, the absence of a drummer giving a soft mellowness to the recording.

In a quiet mood, Hamada starts with a wistful “Round Midnight”, a relaxed “Speak No Evil”, and a cheery “All The Things You Are”, continuing with the catchy “Ladies in Mercedes” and a reconstructed “Confirmation”, ending on a bebop high.

Leader: Atomi Hamada · 浜田亜東実 ·


  • Atomi Hamada – vocals
  • Momo Nonami – piano
  • Hiroaki Mizutani – bass

Released in 2017 by Atomi Hamada.

Here is a live performance of “Ladies in Mercedes”:


* Audio sample at top of page is an excerpt from track 3 on this album, “All The Things You Are”.