EMiKO VOiCE: Carta

An elegant package inside and out, brimming with atmosphere. The outer package is a slim booklet, containing photography, a poem, and an essay. The music itself is a modern take on classic jazz songs with Japanese words and flavor sprinkled throughout, featuring excellent arrangements by pianist Koichi Sato.

Emiko’s voice is front-and-center and spans the gamut from quick instrument-eque aerobics to passionate crooning. Vocals, piano, Fender Rhodes, and an innovative stand-up drum set constitute the core of the group, and several other instrumentalists contribute to the album, with material ranging from dreamy and moody to light and shimmering.

Leader: EMiKO VOiCE · http://www.emikovoice.com


  • EMiKO VOiCE: vocal
  • Koichi Sato: piano, rhodes
  • Akemi Ohta: flute
  • Momoko Aida: violin
  • Akira Tanidono: trumpet
  • Toru Nishijima: bass
  • Keita Okada: drums, percussion


Released in 2017 on Zipangu Label ZIP-0058.


* Audio sample at top of page is of “The Days of Wine and Roses”, the first track on this album.