Hitomi Nishiyama Trio: Many Seasons

With a clean, clear pianist’s touch melding jazz with classical and a subtle rock sensibility, the overall sound is reminiscent of great European jazz melodists (Giovanni Mirabassi comes to mind), with lyrical passages twisting through rich harmony and odd meters. Aside from the high technical prowess, the beautifully-written songs overflow with delicate emotion, with pangs of nostalgia and sweetness in abundance.

Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden with two Swedish musicians, befitting the great melding of European and Japanese musical minds on display here.

Leader: Hitomi Nishiyama · 西山瞳 · http://hitominishiyama.net


  • Hitomi Nishiyama – piano
  • Hans Backenroth – bass
  • Anders Kjellberg – drums

Released 2007 on Spice of Life SOLJP-0005.

This video is a live performance of Nishiyama’s original song “SAKIRA”, track 3 from this album:

* Audio sample at top of page from “Flood”, which opens this album.