Hitomi Nishiyama Trio: Music In You

Hitomi Nishiyama’s 2011 album Music In You features an established trio that shares a cohesive sensibility, creating beautiful textural moods with European-flavored jazz influences. The group breathes as one, creating moving textures of sound, restrained yet deep with emotion.

Like the knotted thread art by Akiko Ikeuchi which graces the cover, the music is composed of delicate lines which intricately flow and interweave, creating a seemingly light construction of weighty substance.

Melancholic, stimulating, heart-warming, the songs all of a piece, reflecting a careful sensitivity and attention paid to composition, with improvisation that reflects the musician’s inner voice through music.

Leader: Hitomi Nishiyama · 西山瞳 · http://hitominishiyama.net


  • Hitomi Nishiyama – piano
  • Yasuhiko “Hachi” Sato – bass
  • Kazumi Ikenaga – drums
  • Ryosuke Hashizume – tenor sax (#12)

Cover art by Akiko Ikeuchi – http://akikoikeuchi.silk.to/

Released in 2011 on Meantone Records as MT-002.

This video contains samples of all the tracks on this album:

* Audio sample at top of page is a short sample of track 4, “Unfolding Universe”, which was awarded third place in the jazz category of the International Songwriters Competition.