Kaori Nakajima & KVQ: Cross Point

Vibist Kaori Nakajima returns with her second album Cross Point featuring KVQ: Kaori Vibes Quartet (formerly Vangy!!), a jubilant combo with jazz vibraphone springing out mellow tones at the center.

Starting off with the high-energy “Cross Point”, the quartet explores directions from straight-ahead jazz and relaxed swing to quiet ballads and Spanish-tinged rubato. With skilled playing and engaging compositions, highlights include the pop-catchy “Dandeleon”, the edgy “Flicker”, a nod to Horace Silver and Cedar Walton on “Golden Pine”, and the soft atmospheric reverb of “Moonlights Underwater”, summoning undulating waves in the comfort of twilight.

Leader: Kaori Nakajima · 中島香里 · http://kaorin.jazzman.club/

  • Kaori Nakajima – Vibraphone (#6 – Piano)
  • Tamashi Goto – Piano
  • Minoru Yoshiki – Bass
  • Masanori Ando – Drums

Released in 2016 on Urban Jazz 151A-0017.

Kaori Nakajima plays “at that Room”, the final song on this album, in this video clip:

* Audio sample at top of page from “Cross Point”, the first song on this album.