Ko Omura: Introspect

Drummer Ko Omura leads the listener on his voyage of introspection on his debut album Introspect, portraying the colors and maps of his musical mind.

This 2011 recording features eight tracks: six original songs from Omura in his detailed, catchy style, unfolding story-like with depth and groovy accuracy. The music brims with fiery energy, passionate yet also containing also a smoldering, somber melancholy. Two of the tracks are group-created free jazz collaborations, splashes of color adding mystery and adventure. The recorded audio is also done beautifully, with separation of drums and cymbals gracefully captured with a lush live sound.

A creative aspect used on this recording is the collaboration of three pianists Hakuei Kim, Koichi Sato, and Mamoru Ishida, playing separately as well as together on some songs, stretching the limits of the standard piano trio format. On several songs two or three of the pianists play simultaneously on acoustic and electric piano in distinct audio channels: center, right, or left separate and identify the pianists on three songs. On other songs, the standard piano trio format is used with pianists alternating on a song or two each, while the rhythm of bassist Koji Yasuda and drummer Ko Omura laying out the pulse and foundation of the music.

Leader: Ko Omura · 大村亘 · http://kojazz0829.wixsite.com/1981


  • Hakuei Kim – piano
  • Koichi Sato – piano
  • Mamoru Ishida – piano
  • Koji Yasuda – bass
  • Ko Omura – drums


Released in 2011 on Daiki Musica as DMCD 12.


Here is an excerpt of Ko Omura’s song “Slow Highway”, recorded live and featuring Koichi Sato on piano, Koji Yasuda on bass, and Ko Omura on drums. This clip features Omura improvising a drum solo while the tune loops underneath:


* Audio clip at top of page is an excerpt from track 5 on this album, “Slow Highway”.