Koichi Sato: Melancholy of a Journey

Pianist/composer Koichi Sato releases his latest album with a distinctive sextet, clarinet and guitar adding modern groundedness, cello providing graceful maturity.

The main theme was conceived while traveling in Norway and viewing a certain painting: Art Rolfsen’s “The Big Station”, which graces the cover and inspired “The Railway Station” four-part suite, distinct songs with common echoes.

From this blossom beautiful songs of travel scenes. Intelligent, dramatic compositions and full, earthy sounds create moods including exciting, relaxing, hectic, impressionistic, and, naturally, melancholic – emotions arising at different times during a long journey: a soundtrack to a trip, a modern work of art.

Leader: Koichi Sato · 佐藤浩一 · http://koichisato.com


  • Koichi Sato – piano
  • Tokuhiro Doi – clarinet, bass clarinet
  • Motohiko Ichino – guitar
  • Harutoshi Ito – cello
  • Hiroki Chiba – double bass
  • Ryo Noritake – drums

Released in 2016 by Song X Jazz as SONG X 038.

Video with samples from the CD:

* Audio sample at top of page from the opening track on the album, “The Railway Station”.