Mayuko Katakura: Faith

Faith is the second album from Mayuko Katakura, an agile, skilled pianist whose jazz sense and impeccable touch echo legends of jazz piano, including McCoy Tyner and Sonny Clark – in fact, the album’s wistful ballad “Blue Sonny” was written for Sonny Clark by Katakura.

This recording is marked by warmth between the musicians, who agreed to not over-arrange the session and have faith in the group and their love of straight-ahead jazz. The resulting sense of relaxation allows their individual mastery and group cohesiveness to produce exciting results, proving their faith to be well-rewarded.

Leader: Mayuko Katakura · 片倉真由子 ·


  • Mayuko Katakura – piano
  • Rodney Whitaker – bass
  • Carl Allen- drums

Released in 2010 on Pony Canyon MYCJ-30578.

* Audio sample at top of page from the opening track, “Mrs. Parker of KC”.