Mayuko Katakura: Inspiration

Pianist Mayuko Katakura’s 2009 debut album Inspiration immediately impresses, kicking off at a rapid pace with “Blues For Tyner”, a tribute to one of her own jazz inspirations. Right from this fierce start, Katakura’s amazing technique is on full display with angular and acrobatic lines flying through this up-tempo tune.

In addition to speed, Katakura’s confident jazz piano sense extends to bluesy grooves and touching sensitivity, played with dedication to the music and to those she has been inspired by. The ten tracks, with originals and nicely-arranged standards, make this a well-balanced album with a variety of tempos and moods.

Leader: Mayuko Katakura · 片倉真由子 ·


  • Mayuko Katakura – piano
  • Yasushi Nakamura – bass
  • Carl Allen- drums


Released in 2009 on Pony Canyon MYCJ-30554.


Here is a video with the audio from the first track on the album, “Blues For Tyner”:


Here is a live performance with Mayuko Katakura playing “Linden Blvd” with the Kiyoshi Kitakawa trio:


* Audio sample at top of page from “Blues For Tyner”, the first track on this album.