Meu Coração: A Tempo

The Japanese vocal-guitar duo Meu Coração releases the stunning A Tempo as a return to an earlier form. Well-known for playing acoustic Brazilian music at sold-out concert halls, their sixth album presents dramatic variations with an exciting full-band sound.

Starting with a vibrant “One Note Samba”, the album features a catchy “Lawns”, peppy Brazilian tunes “Corrida De Jangada” and “Batacuda Surgiu”, a sentimental “Amazon River”, and a dreamy “Love Me Tender”, closing the album like a sweet lullaby.

The music grooves with creative arrangements and interesting effects, rooted by the vocal-guitar duo at the core, making music from the heart.

Meu Coração ·



Released in 2016 on Eclectic Records ECLC-101.


Here is a video of a live performance of “Corrida De Jangada”, the third track on this album:


Showing another side of Meu Coração, here is a promotional video for the second track “Lawns”:


* Audio sample at top of page from “Samba de Una Nota So”, which opens the album.