Ryosuke Hashizume Group: incomplete voices

A simply wonderful collection of carefully conceived modern jazz compositions. Close attention is paid to the harmonic and rhythmic layers in the music, resulting in climactic resolutions and a striking construction of moods.

The songs develop creatively and allow the improvisational passages to be filled with emotional passion, rooted by a strong group dynamic built through years of experience performing together.

High-caliber musicianship and exquisite songcraft make this an absorbingly satisfying listen, cerebral yet bodily grooving.

Leader: Ryosuke Hashizume · 橋爪亮督 · www.ryohashizume.com


  • Ryosuke Hashizume: tenor, soprano saxophones
  • Motohiko Ichino: guitar
  • Koichi Sato: piano
  • Ryoji Orihara: fretless bass
  • Manabu Hashimoto: drums, percussion


Released in 2017 on Apollo Sounds APLS1704


A short video with clips from the album:

* Audio sample at top of page is from “Still”, the first track on this album.