Sanae Ishikawa: Grown-up Christmas Gift

Enterprising singer Sanae Ishikawa presents us with more of her amazing, passionate voice on Grown-up Christmas Gift, a mini-album celebrating classic and modern Christmas songs in a jazz and pop setting. As part of her recent “Seasonal Japanese Songbook Project” crowdfunding success, the popular singer released this album along with her full-length album Winter to great anticipation, just in time for the 2018 Christmas season.

The first track “Christmas Medley” features Ishikawa’s beautifully resonant voice leading us through seven classic holiday tunes and popular pop songs, including “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, “Winter Wonderland”, and “The Christmas Song”. As the songs change, the rhythm, mood, and instrumentation vary as well, with a jazz piano combo, organ, guitar, and choirs making appearances, resulting in a charming and moving 13-minute holiday medley.

The second song features Ishikawa with “Soft Voice”, a four-part vocal group singing “Sutekina Holiday” in Japanese, while the third song presents an intimate guitar/vocal duo performing the Billboard hit “Grown-Up Christmas List”.



Leader: Sanae Ishikawa · 石川早苗 ·


  • Sanae Ishikawa – vocal
  • Takayoshi Baba – guitar
  • Hideaki Hori – piano, keyboard
  • Koji Yasuda – bass
  • Sohnosuke Imaizumi – drums, bell
  • Soft Voice Choir
    • Megu – 1st voice
    • Asako – 2nd voice
    • Haruka – 3rd voice
    • Miki – 4th voice
  • SJSP Special Choir

Released in 2018 by Sanae Ishikawa Seasonal Japanese Songbook Project as SJSP-002.

* Audio sample at top from page from the first track on the album, “Christmas Medley”.