Satoshi Kosugi: Bass On Times

Excellent jazz from leading veteran players in the Tokyo jazz scene, this studio recording is led by bassist Satoshi Kosugi and delivers refined and hard-swinging jazz standards such as “The Best Thing For You Would Be Me”, “No Moon At All”, and “Monk’s Dream”, often with new arrangements and with strong, swinging bass throughout. A good spirit pervades this greatly satisfying jazz recording.

Leader: Satoshi Kosugi · 小杉敏 ·


  • Satoshi Kosugi – bass
  • Yoshiro Okazaki – trumpet
  • Kazuhide Motooka – piano
  • Shinji Hashimoto – guitar
  • Yoshihito Eto – drums

Released in 2009 on Pax Box Press PBP-0001.

* Audio sample at top of page from “Monk’s Dream”, first track on this album.