Sayaka Kishi: feat. te

This album’s title feat.手 (“Featuring Hands”) aptly describes the pianist’s concept, to create a fun jazz album showcasing original compositions for piano with jazzy, pop, and classical influences.

Although this is mostly a solo piano album featuring Kishi and her music, two additional musicians also join in on several tracks. Cellist Mayumi Sano performs with Kishi on three songs, presenting an early version of the piano/cell duo Arco which will go on to release Arco: Asymmetry in 2017. Vocalist Aya Kurosawa also adds her lovely, resonant vocals on one track. Overall, the 13 songs on this album offer a fun and creative exploration of the mind of a Japanese pianist and her compositions.

Leader: Sayaka Kishi · 岸 淑香 ·


  • Sayaka Kishi: piano
  • Mayumi Sano: cello
  • Aya Kurosawa: vocal

Released 2014 on Roving Spirits RKC-8050.


Live solo performance of track 3 from this album:

* Audio sample at top of page from “Up To You”, the first track on this album.