Toshihiko Inoue: Vayu


Originally planned as an indoor solo performance, the fine spring weather lured Toshihiko Inoue outside to perform in a garden terrace. Surrounded by nature, Inoue’s music conveys gentleness and introspection, even inspiring birds to sing along with his mellow sounds. Quiet outdoor noises, the creaking of wood, and other ambient sounds lend a peaceful mood to the recording.

Through this album, the listener is transported to that spring day to commune with nature and Inoue’s spirit. A legendary player for over 40 years, Toshihiko Inoue’s influence on jazz lives on, with his songs and groups continuing to be appreciated.

Solo performance by:
Toshihiko Inoue · 井上淑彦 ·

Released in 2016 on Foot & Shoe FSCJ-0011.
Audio samples:


Here is “Fireworks” in a duo setting with pianist Hitomi Nishiyama:


Performing “Wichi-Tai-To”:


A rare solo performance:


* Audio sample at top of page is a short excerpt of the opening of this album, Inoue’s original composition “Fireworks”.