Trispace: Trispace

Inspired by a modern, clean European jazz sound, the jazz piano trio Trispace on their debut 2010 album brings to mind Swedish jazz supergroup EST (Esbjörn Svensson Trio) among others, with delicate, beautifully recorded instruments, airy jazz/rock beats, and occasional odd-beat rhythmic structures that carry the listener along on comfortable musical journeys. Even from the serene, artistic jacket design, one gets a good sense of the desired musical atmosphere, one that perhaps pays homage to some of the great modern jazz recordings from the ECM label.

Yuichi Hayashi’s piano takes center stage, with gentle and pleasant melodies, unspooling long lines of flowing improvisation. Morihiro Omura and Yoshitaka Yamashita, the double-bass/drums rhythm section, together build a solid groove framework over which the fluttering melodies catch the listener’s attention.

With nine original songs spanning jazz/rock, soft ballads, and a stylish EST/Bill Evans-style melodic sense, Trispace sets upon their path as a modern and inspired Japanese jazz trio.


  • Yuichi Hayashi – Piano, Composition
  • Morihiro Omura – Bass
  • Yoshitaka Yamashita – Drums



Released in 2010 on Leccia Records / feel free products as LRTR-0004.





* Audio sample at top of page is from “Peaceful Mind”, track six on this album.