Yuichiro Aratake: The Light Flows In

Yuichiro Aratake’s The Light Flows In is a solo piano collection which sets a calm, relaxing mood, offering peace through original songs and charming jazz and pop standards. With patience and sincerity, Aratake performs the pieces as slow ballads, reflecting the gratitude for loyalty, friendship, and support that inspired the performances.

This album features a special Bösendorfer Imperial Concert Grand piano, the deep and full tones echoing beautifully as the pianist moves freely through his selection of originals and familiar covers (“I Loves You, Porgy”, “Round About Midnight”, “What The World Needs Now”, “Blackbird”).

In addition to solo piano, 3 of the 12 tracks feature duos: a piano and sax outing on the warm “Family”, a bluesy “Born To Be Blue” for piano and bass, and a vibrant outpouring on “Grumbling Sky”, a piano and drums duo, the one spot on the album which departs from the otherwise tranquil mood. Aside from this charged track, the otherwise quiet solo piano ballads consistently evoke peace and love, ringing through this album with a comforting sense of togetherness.



Leader: Yuichiro Aratake · 荒武裕一朗 · http://www.musicmakeusone.com/aratake/

Guest Musicians:

  • Tamaya Honda – drums (track #10)
  • Hideaki Kawamura – tenor sax (track #2)
  • Noboru Ando – bass (track #7)

Released in 2005 on S2S as SSDF-5006.

Re-released in 2010 on Urban Jazz as 151A-0002.



* Audio sample at top of page from “I Loves You, Porgy” which opens this album.