Yukako Yamano: 1st Stage

Popular pianist Yukako Yamano’s 1st Stage is a rich and airy musical soufflé, mixing together swinging jazz, cute pop, modern fusion, and straightforward sincerity on her catchy leader-album debut.

These 11 original songs present lively, feel-good melodies and propulsive rhythms, balancing tracks with cheery simplicity alongside those with higher dramatic tension.

With subtle Japanese pop and classical influences, and propelled with quick musical energy and clever movements, the album reveals dimensions of fun boldness and sincere innocence. The songs take turns from grooving straight-beat swing (“Over Parents”, “On A Sunny Moon”), rock-style solo piano (“Galopping Ponies”), romantic, sad ballads (“Another Step”, “Kanashimi No Mukougawa”), serious adventures (“Double A”, “City Walker”), anthemic ballad-rock (“Kanashimi No Mukougawa”), and quirky, candy-sweet fusion (“Wild Sweets”). On the whole, the compositions balance the motivation to involve the listener directly without over-complicating the compositions, all while ensuring the musicians are having fun creating the music together and keeping the listeners hooked.

1st Stage features Yukako Yamano on piano along with regular trio members, professional jazz and multi-genre drummer Manabu Fujii and well-known veteran bassist Koichi Osamu. All songs written by Yamano Yukako.

Leader: Yukako Yamano · 山野友佳子 · http://yukakoyamano.com · https://blog.goo.ne.jp/angela-major7


  • Yukako Yamano – piano
  • Koichi Osamu – bass
  • Manabu Fujii – drums

Originally released in 2013 as YKRN-0001 (remastered in 2018).

This video is a live performance of “On A Sunny Moon”, track 6 on this album.



* Audio clip at top of page is from the first track, entitled “Over Parents”.